Principal Investigators:
Geology: Dr. Paul Link, Dr. John Welhan
Biology: Dr. Chuck Peterson, Dr. Stefan Sommer
Hydrology: Dr. Jim McNamara, Dr. Tamra Schiappa

Production Staff:
Budget: Melissa Neiers
Phase 2:
Diana Boyack, Ean Harker, Robert Schlader
Phase 1:
Vita M. Taube, Diana Boyack, Ean Harker, Jacqueline Harvey, Stephen Burton, Tim Funderburg, Robert Schlader, Jason Anderson

Staff Assistants:

Christian B. Stoddard, Sara Smith, Brian Richardson, Mary Hodges, Delda Findeisen, Zach Lundeen, Margaret Bradshaw, Gail White, Anni Watkins, Jim Riesterer, Matt Reilly, Mike Legler, Marty Peck, Denise Knight, Stephanie McDowell, Crystal Nielsen, Tyson Taylor, NancyWright, J. Michael Scott, James Scannell, Mark Lung, Stephen Ganstrom, Scott Lamay, Kim Gardner


Dr. Scott Hughes, Dr. Glenn Thackray, Keith T. Weber, Andrew E. Godfrey, David Prevedel, Russ Reading, Dr. Roy M. Breckenridge, Dr. Kurt L. Othberg, Reed S. Lewis, Dr. Christian Petrich, Christine Gertschen, M.S., Terry Maley, Bart X. Bradish, Ed Bradish, Jason Karl, John Cossel Jr., Donald Streubel, Barry Keller, Chuck Trost, Karl Holte, Jason Anderson

Digital Texts : Craig R. Groves, Bart Butterfield, Abigail Lippincott, Blair Csuti, and J. Michael Scott are the authors of the Atlas of Idaho'sWildlife edited by Abigail Lippincott. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, The Nature Conservancy, and the Idaho GapAnalysis Project jointly published the Atlas of Idaho's Wildlife in 1997. Craig Groves, Wayne Melquist, and Michael Jennings provided permission to convert this document into digital format (Adobe Acrobat PDF). Most of the species information for amphibians, reptiles and all of the species information for the birds and mammals was obtained from the Atlas of Idaho's Wildlife.

Photos & Images:
All images used in the Digital Atlas of Idaho belong to the contributor and not the Atlas itself. The photographs and songs are used with permission of the contributors. Do not copy photographs or songs without their permission! If you need to contact one of our contributors please e-mail us and we will reply to you with the information.


Chuck Peterson, Jason Karl, John Cossel Jr., Donald Streubel, Barry Keller, Charlotte Cockran, Jonathan Beck, Edmund D. Brodie Jr., Edward D. Koch, William P. Leonard, Mike McDonald, Alan St. John, Larry West, C.S. Robbins, Jeff Spendelow, Stephen Burton, Ean Harker, Ed Dijak, Marcus Martin, George Jameson, Fred Fallon, Greg Kearns, Jim Zingo, C. Trost, Brad Bergstrom, H.R. Spendelow Jr., Gregory Gough, Jim Nestler, Rob Bennetts, Luther Goldman, David L. Chesemore, Tim Mullican, Edson Fichter, Bruce Eshelman, James Moodie, Yellowstone- National Park Service, Corel Corporation, Professional Photos series 94000- Yellowstone National Park (Royalty Free), Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Kevin & Betty Collins, Jason Karl, Kris Wilcox, Robert Cannings/ Royal B.C. Museum, Dennis Paulson.

& Hydrology

Diane Boyack, Ean Harker, Vita Taube, Paul Link, Jac Harvey, Christian B. Stoddard, Kim Gardner

Funded by:

State of Idaho, Board of Education


Boise State University, Idaho Geologic Survey, Idaho Museum of Natural History, Idaho State University, Idaho State University: College of Education, College of Arts & Sciences, Idaho Virtual Campus, Instructional Technology Resource Center, Sawtooth Science Institute, University of Idaho, United States Forest Service, National Gap Analysis Program, Idaho Water Resource Research Institute.