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BLM information and image (not map) adapted from the National and State BLM Web Sites: and

City of Rocks
City of Rocks material is adapted with permission from the City of Rocks Web Site (

Craters of the Moon National Monument
Craters of the Moon National Monument material is adapted with permission from the Craters of the Moon National Monument Web Site:

Idaho Geologic Survey-Geologic Hazards, -Geology section.

Hagerman Fossil Beds
Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument material is adapted with permission from the Hagerman Fossil Beds Web Site: http:

Idaho Department of Fish & Game
Small color pictures are used with permission from the , 1999-2000 fishing regulations, as are the regional area maps, tables and charts. Some of the hatchery information used is adapted with permission from the Fish & Game hatchery web site:
Drainage area map and associated information adapted with permission from the Department's website:
Some hatchery text and photographs courtesy of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game. Some activity, exercise and coloring book material from Discovering Salmon.

Idaho Parks
State lands visitation statistics and text adapted from:

Idaho Virtual Campus
Materials were adapted with permission from the Idaho Virtual Campus, -Varied sections. Topics: Cloud Imaging, Earthquake Fundamentals, Groundwater Review, Precipitation Patterns, Surface Water Review.

Massacre Rocks
Massacre Rocks State Park material is adapted with permission from the Massacre Rocks Web Site:

Nez Perce National Historic Park
Text on the Idaho Indian Wars and the Nez Perce and their War is adapted with permission from The Idaho Heritage. -Historical Geography section.

Materials adapted with permission from the NOAA ASOS Web Site: -Cliamtology section. Weather Station Tour.

Portneuf Valley Groundwater Gaurdian Hydrology FAQ
Hydrology FAQ material provided courtesy of Portneuf Valley Groundwater Gaurdian: -Hydrololgy section.

U.S. Forest Service
Forestry information for map and linked text pages are adapted with permission from the U.S. Forest Service as follows:
1. Bitterroot National Forest: (text and images)
2. Boise National Forest: (text and images)
3. Caribou National Forest: (text)
4. Clearwater National Forest: (text and image)
5. Nez Perce National Forest: (text)
6. Panhandle National Forest: (text and images)
7. Payette National Forest: text excerpted from Natural Wonders of Idaho
8. Salmon-Challis National Forest: text excerpted from Natural Wonders of Idaho
9. Sawtooth National Forest: (text and image)
10. Targhee National Forest: (text and image)

Sectional sources:
Caves in Idaho
Main text and drawings from Exploring Idaho Geology; Shoshone Ice Caves text and Minnetonka Cave text from Natural Wonders of Idaho.

Faults, Thermal Waters and Seismicity Data
Click Here to view data sources for this module.

General Climate
This module was created by Digital Atlas staff members Jacqueline Harvey, Vita Taube, Diana Boyack and Christian Stoddard. Contact the Atlas with any questions, comments, concerns or corrections.

Groundwater Resources
This module was created by Dr. John Welhan and Digital Atlas staff members Jacqueline Harvey, Vita Taube and Diana Boyack. Contact the Atlas with any questions, comments, concerns or corrections. Groundwater Review material courtesy of Idaho Virtual Campus.

Immigration and Emigration
Text on the Long Valley Finns and Roseberry is adapted courtesy of the Long Valley Preservation Society pamphlets.

Lake Bonneville Flood
Introductory text used with permission from Exploring Idaho Geology. Topographic map sources and general reference materials:
* Eddy figure after O'Conner, figure 69, p. 58.
* Hjustrom's Diagram after figure 3.9 Boggs p. 47
* Walters Bar topographic map after O'Conner figure 38, p. 33. - topographic base from the Walters Butte (ID) USGS 7.7-min Quadrangle.
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Thanks to Fay Weber at the Idaho Mining Association for putting together a summary of current mining statistics for the Digital Atlas of Idaho. Mine list by County and accompanying PDF map of mine locations in Idaho courtesy of IGS/USGS 1988; Map of Mining Areas in Idaho: Metals, Phosphate & Industrial Minerals, Courtesy: Directory of Mining Operations in Idaho, 1987.

Native Americans in Idaho
Some information on the Kootenai excerpted from the History of Boundary County, ID, compiled by the Boundary County Historical Society, 1987.

Parks & Monuments
Parks & Monuments material is adapted with permission from Exploring Idaho Geology.

Public Lands and Recreation Areas
Scenic Byways information adapted with permission from: Taking the Scenic Route - A guide to Idaho's scenic byways, Contributors to the brochure: Bureau of Land Management, North Central Idaho Travel Association, Southwest Idaho Travel Association, South Central Idaho Travel Committee, Central Idaho Rockies Association, Idaho Transportation Department, U.S. Forest Service and Federal Highway Administration.

Snake River Plain
Snake River Plain Geophysical Data from:
* BASALT - Geohydrologic Framework of the Snake River Plain, Idaho and Eastern Oregon. By R. L. Whitehead 1:1,000,000 Atlas HA 681 Hydrologic Investigations
* GRAVITY - Base from U.S. Geological Survey. State base maps: Idaho, 1976; Nevada,1965; Oregon, 1966; Utah, 1976; and Wyoming, 1967.

Southern Idaho Topographic Development
Topographic Development material by, P.K. Link, R.W. Reading, A.E. Godfrey, and D. Prevedel. DEM models by the USDA Forest Service, GIS Center for Excellence, Ogden, Utah. Text on the Bruneau-Jarbidge Eruptive Center is used with permission from Exploring Idaho Geology.

Surface Hydrology
This module was created by Dr. Jim McNamara and Digital Atlas staff members Jacqueline Harvey, Vita Taube, Diana Boyack and Christian Stoddard. Contact the Atlas with any questions, comments, concerns or corrections. Surface Water Review material courtesy of Idaho Virtual Campus.

Wetland photos courtesy of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Noxious weed photos and text courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.