Family: Aceraceae

Genus: Acer

Family: Aceraceae (Maples)
    Maples are deciduous trees or shrubs. They have opposite leaves; palmately lobed simple or pinnately compound leaves. Flowers are seen with cymes, panicles, or corymbs; plants monoecious or dioecious; flowers regular not showy; sepals 4-5; petals 4-5 or none; stamens 4-10, mostly 8 inserted exterior to a glandular disc; pistil of 2 carpels; styles 1 or 2; 2 stigmas; superior ovary; fruit a double samara (with 2 wings)

Genus: Acer
    Description is the same as the maple family description. Flowers in axillary panicles, racemes, or corymbs petals small or none. Leaves are mostly palmately lobed (occasionaly 3 leafets in native species) (3-5 leaflets in boxelders)

Information by Dr.Karl E. Holte, ©2001.