Weather vs. Climate
What's the difference?

Our weather changes from day to day. Some days it may be rainy, the next day might be sunny. Sometimes we have a few days that are cold, then the temperature might warm up for a while. Weather is the daily or weekly changes in wind, moisture and temperature of an area. All three of these changes take place in the air around us. We call the air around the earth the atmosphere.
Weather in an area over a period of years is called climate. In some climates the winters are long and cold. In other climates the winters are short and mild.
It is important to understand climate. Climate affects the clothes we wear, how we heat our houses and the plants we grow. Water vapor is part of climate because it is the moisture in the air. Have you wondered where water goes when it dries from the sidewalk after a rain? It evaporates or changes into a gas. It goes into the air and stays invisible until it condenses, or changes from gas to liquid. It usually condenses to form a cloud.

Image by unisys, Inc.,2000.