Clouds Over Idaho

All types of storms occur in Idaho including tornadoes, violent electrical storms, torrential downpours, blizzards and more. Local and regional weather in Idaho is highly changeable. A common rule-of-thumb is that if you don't like the current weather, look again in 5 minutes. The state's rugged topographic relief, geographic position relative to the jet stream, and its location within the rainshadow of the Cascades and northern Sierras, all contribute to this variability Every kind of cloud formation is visible within the state as you travel from the plains to the high mountains.

Aerial cloud images:
Clouds from Above 1
Clouds from Above 2

Of particular interest are the giant cumulonimbus systems which build over the Snake River Plain. The flat, open surface of the Plain heats readily during daylight hours, and convective influence on local weather is very high. Thunderheads form readily - from singular clouds to vast storm fronts stretching across the Plain.

These storms typically migrate from the southwest to the northeast, and produce spectacular lightning storms. The storms are also influenced by the hills and mountains bordering the edge of the plain.

Idaho storms and clouds images:
Central Idaho Storm
Spring Storm by Driggs
SE Idaho Storm 1
SE Idaho Storm 2