Geology Basics
geology, n.  the science that deals with the physical history of the earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical changes which the earth has undergone and is currently undergoing.

In this section, the Digital Atlas covers geology basics that have terms with definitions, questions and facts. Click on the topic below for information on geology.

What is geology?
What are rocks?
What is the rock cycle?
What is the rock record?
What is the geologic cycle?
What is soil?
What is weathering?
What does a soil grain size card look like?
What does Bowen's Reaction Sequence look like?
Where did all of the mountains come from?
What are geologic maps?
What are stratigrapic columns?

What are geologic cross sections?
What do geologic symbols look like?
What geologic provinces are found in Idaho?
What is the geologic time scale?
What is a fossil?
What are artifacts?
What is plate tectonics?
What was Pangea?
What is a volcano?
What are earthquakes?
What is mass movement?
Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table

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