Kullyspel House

Kullyspell House was constructed in 1809 by explorer David Thompson of the North West Company. Located near present-day Sandpoint, the structure was the first white-owned establishment, and first trading post, in what later became the state of Idaho.

Kullyspell House consisted of one large log structure with two stone chimneys - one at each end. Abandoned after several years the building quickly decayed. The chimneys remained standing for 87 years until they were toppled by a windstorm. At that point, Kullyspell house "disappeared", and even area locals forgot where it had been located.

In 1928 a group of Idaho historians and pioneers relocated the site. They were guided by a blind Indian named Kali Too who could remember seeing the chimneys as a child. Using just memory, he was able to guide them to two large piles of stone. Later the stones were determined to be the remains of the Kullyspell House chimneys.