Mac ZipIt & Mac Zip

A zip archive is any file that ends with the extension '.zip'. The zip format is popular on the PC/Windows, and is widely used as an interplatform compression format. In addition, ZipIt can compress Macintosh applications and documents without losing any of their data. ZipIt is best used when transferring compressed documents to and from other computer types. Some examples are: text files, TIFF pictures, Excel databases, and QWK message packets, to name just a very few. Note that files that end in '.Z' or '.gz' are not ZipIt files, even though Netscape may give them a ZipIt icon.

There are a variety of sites where you can download this product as freeware or shareware. Generally, you can find them using your favorite internet search engine. Here are a few links to check: -once here select Macintosh and type in Mac Zip. It will direct you in the downloading process. -This is the site where you can get the latest version of Mac ZipIt.