Climatology Links

NOAA Quick Links -- -- Links provide quick access to many of NCDC's climate and weather datasets, products, and various web pages and resources.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center -- --Interactive global geostationary weather satellite images from around the world.

Intellicast -- -- Interactive weather radar maps from the local to global scale, for a wide range of interests.

NASA's Glossary of Electromagnetics -- -- Useful terms and phrases related to light, electricity and magnetism.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) -- -- Home page for the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. this site is a great resource for all kinds of information.

National Weather Service -- -- Home page for the National Weather Service. Includes climatic data, current weather, meteorology, links to relevant organizations, Forecast software, data systems, current as well as historical data available for weather patterns.

State Climate Services for Idaho -- -- The mission of Idaho State Climate Services is to disseminate high quality climate data and information pertaining to Idaho.

UNISYS Weather Site -- -- This site's goal is to provide a complete source of graphical weather information.

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