What's Here
The Teaching Resource section is a collection of materials that educators can use to supplement classroom exercises. These collections are: 'Lesson Plans & Activities', 'Diagrams/Charts', 'Image Archive', 'Glossary', and 'References'. All of these collections have been designed for use in the classroom by educators and experts in the field. Below we have included brief information about these resources and materials. We have also available a complete tutorial to use online or to print to help you understand what is the Teaching Resource section, click here to access it.

Lesson Plans & Activities:
These lesson plans are patterned after a typical format for all educators to use. We have organized the lesson plan format in this order:
Overview: a general description of what is the lesson.
Objectives: the end result or goals of the lesson.
Procedure: is what the educator will need to do or organize to proceed with the exercise.
A sample of the handout questions is displayed or a list of materials needed are shown.
Handouts/Activity links: these are links to access the handouts and printable materials.
Related Lesson Topics: these are links to related topics for this lesson.
At the very bottom we have a list of the Idaho achievement standard codes that are met by completing the lesson.

Located on the top left corner of the lesson plan, under the lesson title, you will find the suggested grade level(s) for the lesson. We have identified each lesson plan with an icon in the upper right hand corner. This is to give you a quick means to identify the type of lesson or activity that it is. The following icon key is below:
    What they represent
Activities- This type of lesson plan is a group activity or a "hands on" exercise.
Computer Exercise- This lesson requires students to use the Digital Atlas (via a computer) to complete the lesson.
Demonstration- This type of lesson is an activity that students watch or could perform under supervision.
Field Trip- Requires students to learn the exercise outside of the classroom.
Handout- This shows that the lesson has a handout available for the exercise.
For some lessons you may find multiple icons for a single exercise.

To access the Lesson plans we have three categories; 'Grade Level Index', 'Subject Index', and 'Digital Exercises'.

The 'Grade Level Index' organizes lesson plans according to grade level; i.e. K-12, and college level. It is here that you will also find Achievement Standard codes and definitions listed for each lesson. (Each lesson is organized numerically according to Achievement Standard codes.) Be aware that we have not included all of the codes and definitions. We are aware that SBOE, will make updates to the Standards over time. So in knowing this, we have provided a link to the State Board of Education (SBOE) website that has the current and complete achievement standards.

The 'Subject Index' organizes lesson plans according to topics and subjects, in alphabetical order. In this way you can find all of the lessons under it's particular natural history category; i.e. Biology or Geology.

The 'Digital Exercises' is a collection of computer required exercises created for students to use the Digital Atlas of Idaho. Links with a "H" have handouts that you use for that exercise. These lessons are organized by natural history subject.

This link is to a 'Diagrams & Charts Archive'. It provides links to access some useful diagrams, charts, figures and tables. These items are provided for use in the classroom only.

Note: Though it is possible to access and use images, photos, illustrations and any other media found in the Digital Atlas; it is recommended that users remember that these media are not copyrighted materials by the Digital Atlas of Idaho. Most media however, are copyrighted and owned by private parties, other groups, and organizations. Thus any use infringing U.S. Copyright laws are soley the users responsibility. It is recommended that any use of media other than what the Digital Atlas has intended, that the user of such materials contact the Digital Atlas Staff to obtain information to contact the originator of the materials in question. To contact the Atlas staff you can e-mail us at: DigitalAtlasIdaho@gmail.com.

Image Archive:
This links to an 'Image Archive'. It provides links to access some useful pictures and illustrations. These items are provided for use in the classroom only.

This is a database of all words and terms used in the Digital Atlas. Currently it is accessible only through this link. Eventually, it will be directly linked to individual terms highlighted and next to the (glossary term) icon.

Here you can access some additional sources and references of suggested readings that can expand your gathering of information in lesson preparation.

For a full tutorial on how to use the Teaching Resources section click here.