What is the Digital Atlas of Idaho?: A summary and developmental phases about this project.

Dr. P. Link
Dr. C. Peterson
Dr. S. Sommer
Dr. J. Welhan
Dr. J. McNamara
Dr. T. Schiappa

Meet the PI's: Videoclips by our Principle Investigators introducing you to various sections of the Digital Atlas. These clips require the QuickTime movie player. Click here for more information.



Dr. Paul Link
Geology, Geography

  Dr. Charles Peterson
Biology, Herpetology
  Dr. John Welhan
Groundwater & Seismicity
  Dr. Stefan Sommer
Insects & Natural History
  Dr. Jim McNamara
Streamflow & Precipitation
  Dr. Tamra Schiappa
Hagerman & Bonneville Flood

Credits: A listing of everyone involved with production of and contribution to the Digital Atlas.

Sources & References: A list of cited sources and references.