Agriculture & Irrigation Research Projects
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Agriculture and irrigation play an important role in the state of Idaho. This activity will help students understand Idaho's agriculture and irrigation concerns.

1. Students will be exposed to the Digital Atlas.
2. Students will learn about Idaho's agriculture and irrigation.

Use the Atlas, the Internet and your library to gather information and pictures for these reports. A handout can be printed out by clicking below.

These are links to access the handouts and printable materials.

Handout Sample:
Select one of the following:

1. Cattle Write a report about cattle. Why do people raise cattle? What are cattle used for? What is the difference between beef cattle and dairy cattle?
2. Sheep Write a report about sheep. Why do people raise sheep? What are sheep used for?
3. Cowboy life Write a report about cowboy life. There are still cowboys working today.
4. Cattle Brands Some cattle brands are quite interesting to look at and think about.
    (a) Write a report on cattle brands.
    (b) Design your own brand. Pretend you are a rancher and you want a brand for your cattle. Keep in mind that a brand must be drawn so it can't be changed into a different brand. You can test your brand by letting someone else try to change it. If you don't have any cattle (and most of us don't), what else could your brand be used for?

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Lesson Plan provided by Virgil M. Young with permission from The Story of Idaho, Second and Centennial Editions, 2000
Idaho Achievement Standards (as of 7/2001) met by completing this activity: