Subject Index


Biology and the Digital Atlas
Building a Better Beast
Creating a Local Fieldguide
Identifying Idaho's Wildlife Dichotomous Key
Learn Your Local Species
Lesson in Observation
Make a Wormery
Naturalist Observatory
Predator Prey Relationships
Searching the Digital Atlas
Wildlife and the Digital Atlas


Butterflies in Idaho
Butterfly Identification
Butterfly Lesson
Butterfly Metamorphosis
Creating a Dichotomous Key for Butterflies


Amphibian Identification Exercise
Creating a Dichotomous key for Amphibians
Distribution of Amphibians in the Emerald Empire Resource Area Northern Idaho
Learning about Amphibians
Learning about Frogs
Salamamder Activity


Salmon Crossword Puzzle
Salmon Homing Instincts
Salmon Maze


Creating a Dichotomous Key for Reptiles
Elementary Reptile Lesson
Getting to know Idaho Reptiles
Reptile Distribution
Reptile Identification Exercise


Bird Beak Adaptations
Elementary Bird Lessons
Idaho Birds
Observing Birds


Compare Hares
Elementary Mammal Exercise
Learning about Mammals
Name that Mammal


Idaho Vegetation
Leaf Collecting and Crafts
Make a Botanical Press


Cloud in a Jar
Clouds and Condensation
Clouds and Rainfall
Condensation & Evaporation
Create Condensation
Design a Cloud Chart
Determining Cloud Types
Fog in a Bottle
General Climate
General Climate Concepts
Intro to Climatology
Measuring Snowfall
Name that Cloud
Precipitation Patterns
Precipitation and Topography
Weather Station Tour


Active Faults
Basic Geology Concepts
Basin & Range Faulting
Borah Peak Earthquake
Bruneau Sand Dunes Geology and Ecology
Collect and Identifying Rocks
Collect and Identifying Soils
Concepts on Silent City of Rocks
Craters of the Moon: English version, Spanish version
Eatable Earth Model
Earth Structure
Earthquake Concepts
Earthquake Faults
Exploring Idaho's Caves
Field Trip to Bruneau Dunes
Fossils & Paleontology
Fossilization & Taphonomy
Fun with Sedimentary Rocks
Fun with Metamorphic Rocks
General Information on Accreted Terrane
General Information on the Great Rift System
Geologic Time
Geologic Maps
Geologic Provinces
Geology Basics
Geology Field Trip
Hagerman Diorama
Hagerman Fossil Beds
Hagerman GIS Questions
Idaho Batholith
Idaho Earthquakes
Idaho's Great Rift
Limestone Caves
Making Crystals
Making "Fossil" Casts
Massacre Rocks Geology and History
Needle and Cork Compass
Paleontology and Biostratigraphy
Reading Topographic Maps
Rocks of Idaho
Shockwave Experiment
Stalactites & Stalagmites
Studying Core Samples
Study a Square yard of Soil
The Hot Spot Hypothesis
The Hot Spot Hypothesis-Topographic Develpment
Thermal Waters and Geologic Provinces
Topographic Development Map
Topographic Development & The Hot Spot
Trip Through Magic Valley


Bison Jigsaw Puzzle
County Names
Exploration and Expansion Projects
Geography and the Landscape
Have an Appaloosa Horse Show
Historical Geography Scavenger Hunt
History of the West
Homemade Butter
Immigration & Emigration Concepts
Immigration & Emigration Letters
Immigration & Emigration Projects
Immigration & Emigration Storytelling
Latitude & Longitude
Make Pemmican and Jerky
Making a Topographic Map
Mapping Idaho
Mountain Men Rendezvous
Native Americans of Idaho
Natural Dyes for Cloth
Nez Perce Pinecone Game
Oregon Trail
Pangea Jigsaw Puzzle
Patterns of Immigration & Emigration in Idaho
Photograph Collage
Physical Geography Quiz
Pioneer Chewing Gum
Resources and Reservations
Shapes of Idaho
State Symbols
Studying Idaho Cities
The Nez Perce War
The Oregon Trail
Topography and Mountains
Topography and Populations
Your Own Private Idaho


Aquifer Observation
Bonneville Flood Quiz
Columbia/Snake Dam Identification
Drainage Map
Glacier Basics
Groundwater Concepts
Groundwater Resources
Hydrologic Unit Codes
Hydrology Basics
Imagining the Lake Bonneville Flood
Lake Bonneville Flood Map
Lakes & Reservoirs
LBF: Waters Bar Topography
LBF: Waters Bar
LBF: Eden
LBF: Swiss Valley
LBF: Hagerman
Measuring Stream Flow
Precipitation and Streamflow
Surface Water Concepts
Water Erosion
What Causes Erosion?
Water and Topography
Water Quiz

Extra Topics:

Fishery Concepts
Fishery Word Search
Historic Population Chart
History Quiz
Idaho Map
Identify Idahoans
Make a Postcard Map
Outfitting Company
Satellite Imagery: Snake River Plain
Shaping the Lay of the Land


Agriculture Booklet
Agriculture and Irrigation Projects
Famous Potato Essays
Farming in Idaho
Potato Projects


Forests in Idaho
Forestry in Idaho
Forestry Research
Which Place am I?


Mining Concepts
Mining Research Projects
Mining Map