Have an Appaloosa Horse Show
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: K-2

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This is a fun activity for Students.

Each student should draw and color an Appaloosa. You can find pictures and names on the internet, or at the library. Think of a good name for your horse. The following are some names that other people have given to their Appaloosas: Time Flies, Nina Syringa, High Flying, Angel Feathers, Mr. Top Bracket, and Comanche Warbonnet. After everyone has drawn and named a horse, you can have a horse show by putting all the pictures on the bulletin board. Assign judges. Have different categories such as most beautiful, most original, best name and many more, then award ribbons (you can make them from construction paper).

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Lesson Plan provided by Virgil M. Young with permission from The Story of Idaho: Centennial Edition, 2000
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