Hagerman GIS Questions
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Students will learn about the Hagerman Fossil Bed area.

Get started by orienting yourself to the area being covered, look at a Park Service Map. Also look at a view of the Hagerman Hills, looking south west. Look at a set of Hagerman data tables. Go visit the Map Archives for access to additional Hagerman GIS data.

Handouts/Activity links:
geol2ho.pdf | map.jpg | hills.jpg

Handout Sample:
Answer the questions below.

1. What type of vegetation dominates the Hagerman Fossil Bed Monument?
2. What is the dominate soil type found throughout the Fossil Beds?
3. Is there a correlation between soil type and vegetation?
4. Is there a correlation between the geology and soil type?

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Lesson Plan provided by Vita Taube, 2000
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