Historic Population Chart
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There has been a large change in the human population growth rate. When compared to just several hundred years ago, the population in Idaho as well as many other areas has increased many times its original number. Advances in agriculture, medicine, and technology have contributed to this human population growth pattern. By doing this exercise, students will become familiar about this human population growth pattern in the state of Idaho.

Use the Digital Atlas To get there: Click on Idaho Overview, then on Historic events. Encourage your students to click on the links on the main page. Have them scroll down and read through the historic events in Idaho. Have them write down and correlate what the human population was in Idaho during what years. Make a graph of Idaho population growth over time, with years on the y-axis, and population number on the x-axis. Use the Historic Events Timelines to locate Idaho population numbers throughout territorial and state history. Plot the points on your graph, then connect the line.

Questions for discussion:
1. What overall population dynamics trends do you see?
2. Try to explain why these may have existed, or currently exist.
3. Compare what used to limit human population growth compared to what limits it now.

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