Studying Idaho's Cities
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Many different cities have been built in Idaho and each one has its own unique history, geographic features, and economic base. This activity is designed to be incorporated into a unit on geography or social studies.

1. Students will learn how to use the Digital Atlas of Idaho as a research tool.
2. Students will become familiar with the diversity of Idaho.
3. Students will write a letter and organize and orally deliver the materials they have gathered.
4. Students will persuade their audience to visit other cities.

Questions for Discussion:
1. What economic activities are common in your city? (technology, agriculture, mining, tourism, etc.)
2. What aspects do you like and not like about your city?
3. Why did this city interest you?
4. How would you persuade other people to visit your city?
5. What other economic activities could be pursued given the geography and climate of this area?

1. Go to the Idaho Maps section of the Digital Atlas of Idaho. To get there: Click on Atlas Home and then click on to the Idaho Maps.

2. Have the students select a region, city, or county that is of interest to them and use the Digital Atlas to obtain information about it. Teachers may want to ask which cities are being selected so they can steer students away from all selecting the same city. Consider the history, major features, and industry common in the area. Use the search feature on the Idaho Map page to get information on the selected area or city. Students should be given time in class to use the Digital Atlas, this way teachers can help students to find the features they are interested in.

3. Write a letter to a person or to the Chamber of Commerce in the particular city or area selected. Ask questions concerning city or area (see above).

4. After students have received replies to their questions, each student will give an oral presentation on his or her area and try to persuade others to visit that area.

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Lesson plan by Dolores Williams, 2001
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