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The geography in Idaho varies to a large degree. The landscape and population dispersal both have a wide range of characteristics. The following exercise can be incorporated into a geography class. It should be a fun thing for the students to do. It will make them familiar with the basic geography of our state.

Expose your students to the Digital Atlas of Idaho. To get there: Click on Idaho Overview, then on Demographics. Have your students explore the demographics site, then refer them to the Idaho Map section by clicking on Atlas Home and then on Idaho Maps.
1. Print a blank map of Idaho. Copying names, colors and symbols used on the Atlas CAD map can be used. Students can use the Atlas to complete the following handout. For a printable pdf copy of the handout you can give your students, click below.

These are links to access the handouts and printable materials.
idout3ho.pdf | Demographics | Idaho Maps

Handout Sample:
The sample questions below are shown in the printed handout.

A. Label counties.
B. Label the six largest cities and label the state capital.
C. Label your home town/city.
D. Indicate population of the cities in B and C. E. Indicate when the cities in B and C were founded.
(Map included here)

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Lesson plan by James Scannell and Stefan Sommer, 2001
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