Immigration & Emigration Research Projects
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 9-12

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This activity will inform students about the Immigration & Emigration that took place years ago.

Select one of the following:
1. Write a Report. Use the Atlas, the internet and your library to gather information and pictures.
   (a) Write a report on one of the following groups of Idaho's people: Native Americans, African Americans, Basques, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, or Mexican Americans.
   (b) Make a poster highlighting your report for the bulletin board.
2. Invite a Guest. Invite someone from one of these groups to visit your class and talk about their customs.
   (a) Prepare for the visit by reading about the culture. Then plan some good questions to ask your visitor.
   (b) After the visit, write a report on what you learned.

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Lesson Plan provided with permission from The Story of Idaho: Centennial Edition by Virgil M. Young, 2000
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