Patterns of Immigration & Emigration in Idaho
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This exercise will allow students to learn about some of the history of Idaho and how it was influenced by different groups of people. In the years from 1850 to1890 Idaho's population and landscape changed dramatically due to the people coming into the state from distant lands and cultures. In this exercise, which students will have the opportunity to explore the history of immigration and emigration in Idaho by doing this exercise.

1. Students will be exposed to the Digital Atlas of Idaho.
2. Students will learn about the history of immigration and emigration in Idaho.

Have your students explore the immigration and emigration section of the digital atlas. To get there: click on Atlas Home, Geography, then on Immigration and Emigration. Have your students do the following, either in groups or as a discussion.

1. Compare and contrast immigration and emigration.
2. Make a timeline of population movement (by group) in and out of the state.
3. Compare and contrast Idaho's modern and historical populations. What do you think influenced where populations and groups went and settled historically? Make sure to consider land use, water, natural resources, etc. What about the modern population? What is influencing today's immigration and emigration patterns in Idaho?
4. Where are you from? How far back do your Idaho roots go? Trace your own family's arrival into Idaho, and write a paragraph about it to share with your classmates. If your family came to Idaho very recently then trace your story back a few generations in the areas they came from. Discuss the economic prospects in Idaho at the time your family arrived. Do you know what brought your family here?

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Lesson plan by James Scannell and Stefan Sommer, 2001
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