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Idaho has many different types of minerals, and it was gold that brought the first permanent white settlers to the state. Although minerals can be used up, we are lucky to have enough minerals to meet our needs for hundreds of years to come. Mining is an important industry in Idaho. By doing this activity, students will learn about the location and geography of mines in Idaho.

Encourage your students to explore the mining section of the digital atlas. To get there: Click on Idaho Overview, then on Mining. Encourage your students to explore the mining site and click on the links next to the main map to do the following exercise. Print a blank map of Idaho. Then, try to find the location of each mine listed below and label it on your map. Gather information, pictures and drawings representing each mine, and discusses what was mined at that location, and anything unique about the mine. For a printable pdf copy of a sample handout you can give your students, just click on Handout Sample below.

These are links to access the handouts and printable materials.
geo12ho.pdf | Mining | idrelho.pdf

Handout Sample:
The sample questions below are shown in the printed handout.

1. Caribou City
2. Elk City
3. Florence
4. Idaho City
5. Kellogg

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