Native Americans of Idaho
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Idaho's earliest residents arrived about 15,000 years ago. The Native Americans that lived in Idaho belonged to many different tribes and clans. Each one has its own unique culture and history. These people were hunters and gatherers. With the arrival of the Europeans, many of the Native American cultures and people were destroyed. The following exercise will give students some knowledge of the history and culture of these different Native American tribes of Idaho.

1. Students will learn how to use the Digital Atlas of Idaho.
2. Students will learn about the history of the Native American.

Use the Digital Atlas of Idaho. To get there: Click on Atlas Home, mouse-over Geography, then click on Native Americans in Idaho. Students can work individually or in small groups at the discretion of the teacher. Encourage your students to read through the Native American pages and click on the links to see the various pictures representing the Native American people. Then give your students the opportunity to learn by having them click on links to the different tribes of Idaho that are located on the main map. Have your students write a short report on the different tribes that have history in Idaho. Reports should include the location, culture, and history of each tribe, as well as any other information on foods used by each tribe, language, or other cultural highlights. Length of reports should depend on the curricular needs of the students and grade level.

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Native Americans in Idaho

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Lesson plan by James Scannell and Stefan Sommer, 2001
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