The Nez Perce War
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 7- 8

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This activity should make students more familiar with the Nez Perce War. After gold and silver were discovered, the mass migration of miners and settlers began crowding the large Indian territories. As the Indians had no place to move, war between the whites and Indians intensified.

Use the Digital Atlas of Idaho. To get there: Click on Atlas Home, mouse-over Geography, then click on Military Installations. Scroll down and encourage your students to read through the section on Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War. As a class, draw the following map on the blackboard that shows the path of Chief Joseph's journey across the mountains with his band of people. Using the information in the Digital Atlas, have your students write a short report on Chief Joseph's journey.

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Lesson plan by Virgil M. Young with permission from The Story of Idaho: Centennial Edition, 2001
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