Creating an Outfitting Company
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 9-12

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Students will be required to come up with a business plan for an outfitting company (fishing, hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, skiing) anywhere in Idaho. Students will need to create a business name, slogan, and marketing approach. They will need to research the area their business will be utilizing and develop a detailed advertising brochure with maps that include geographical and biological information. Also included in this unit will be an introduction to wilderness survival and first aid. Students will formulate an emergency "packet" for their particular business. This could easily be developed into an integrated unit and thus, become much more detailed.

1. Utilize advertising techniques and various marketing tools.
2. Develop research skills while building data for business.
3. Implement problem solving skills.


1. Beginning of Unit
   A. Introduce students to outdoor adventure and survival literature. This type of material can be obtained from the web.
   B. Introduction to concepts of business focusing on advertising techniques. Analyze current samples.
   C. Guest Speakers (if appropriate to further build students' background knowledge)
   D. Begin building outfitting business profile.
2. Middle of Unit
   A. Begin researching area of outfitting business using Digital Atlas for detailed brochure highlighting wildlife, historical background, and geology (information also needed for emergency         packet).
   B. Development of actual outfitting tour and map (including major wildlife and historical/geographical features key).
   C. Basic first aid training.
   D. Formulation of emergency packet (Students research edible plants, shelter building, directional skills, etc).
   E. Guest speakers (again, if appropriate to help students)
3. End of Unit
   A. Presentation of outfitting business
   B. Simulation of emergency situation
   C. Informative writing on basic survival tips

Locations in Digital Atlas:
Since students are invited to choose whatever area they wish to have their business located, much of the Digital Atlas will be utilized. Obviously, as an outfitter there will be natural limitations.
Idaho Overview
Help students gain much more background information on Idaho and Determine potential locations for business.
Used by students to determine the area in which they will be working. Provide students with some history into the topographical development of Idaho.
Used by students to determine (and identify) wildlife in their chosen area.
Allows students to recognize basic weather patterns and indicators.
Rocks, Rails, & Trails
Provide students information on the history of different areas as well as the water resources available.

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