Geography Photograph Collage
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 7-12

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This activity will teach students about geography in Idaho.

Printer and Paper Poster Board Scissors Glue

Select a geography subject pertinent to Idaho (some ideas are listed below). Next, use the resources found on the Atlas, the Internet and your library to find at least ten photographs depicting your chosen subject. Print the photographs, cut them out and make a collage by gluing the pictures on a piece of poster board. Caption each image, and briefly describe how that picture relates to your subject, and to the geography of Idaho.

Collage Subject Ideas
Coming of the Railroads
Fur Trappers and Mountain Men
Gold Mining
Hydrology in Action
Immigration and the Population Landscape
Mountains and Topography
Native Americans
Volcanic Activity

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Lesson Plan provided by Vita Taube, 2000
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