Potato Projects
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 1-2

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This is a fun activity for students to lean how to grow a potato plant. Student can then uses their potatoes to make potato print cards.

a potato that is starting to sprout new growth from its "eyes" a glass full of water 4 toothpicks Small dish Potatoes
Blank stationary cards or thin cardboard folded in half Paintbrushes Newspaper Knife Paints

Project 1: Grow a Potato Plant
1. Stick the toothpicks into the potato about two thirds up from the end that has the most sprouts. Space the toothpicks evenly around the potato.
2. Place the sprouted end of the potato into the glass. The toothpicks will rest on the rim and support the potato in the water.
3. Put the glass on a warm ,sunny windowsill. Make sure the glass stays full of water. After a few weeks the potato should grow roots into the glass. Soon after this occurs the top should break open and the shoot of a new potato plant should emerge.
4. Leave the plant in the glass until it sprouts its first leaves. At this point if you wish to keep growing the plant you should transplant it to a pot with new potting soil. Make sure to remove the toothpicks and transfer the plant carefully from the glass so you do not damage the roots. Have an adult help you. Place the newly potted potato back in the same sunny window. Water when the soil feels dry.

Project 2: Potato Print Cards
1. Cover your work area with newspaper. Pour a small amount of paint in the dish.
2. Have an adult help you use the knife to cut the potatoes in half. Use the paintbrush to paint a simple design on the exposed surface, such as a star or tree.
3. Have an adult help you use the knife to cut away the edge of the design and the surrounding potato to a depth of 1/4 inch. Your design should know stand out in relief.
4. Dip the potato into the paint on the dish. Make sure you let the excess drip off.
5. Press the design onto the blank card or cardboard. Lift it away, and you have a custom-designed greeting card! Using different designs and colors, you can make holiday cards to give to all your friends.

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