Famous Potatoes Essays
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Idaho is famous for its potatoes. This activity will help inform students about different aspects of Idaho's history.

1. Students will become familiar with the Digital Atlas of Idaho.
2. Students will learn about Idaho's history.

Select five questions from the list. Answer each in complete paragraphs. Then make a poster map of Idaho. Summarize your questions by locating captions, facts, statistics, pictures and diagrams in the correct geographic locations. Put the poster on the bulletin board and allow your class 10 minutes to ask you questions about your findings. Use the Atlas, the internet and your library as sources of information and imagery.

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Handout Sample:
Select five questions from the list below. Answer each in complete paragraphs.

1.Where were fruits and vegetables first grown in Idaho?
2.What brought farmers to Idaho?
3.Why did cattlemen come to Idaho? Where was Idaho's best rangeland?
4.What was the Snake River country like when it was part of the "Old West"?

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Lesson Plan provided by Virgil M. Young with permission from The Story of Idaho: Second Edition, 2000
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