Predator/Prey Relationships
activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 9-12

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This activity will expose students to species distribution. In particular, it will show the distribution of a predator in relation to a particular prey that the predator depends upon.

1. Students will investigate predators and prey information from the Digital Atlas of Idaho.
2. Students will design a map showing the relationship between a specific predator and prey.

Show example of distribution of Eumeces skiltonianus (Western skink) and its predator, Coluber constrictor (Racer). Use the Digital Atlas and click on the Biology section. Select a species of predator and a species of its prey. Go to the various species checklists and click on your species and be sure to click on the Idaho distribution of the species and compare the distribution of the predator and the prey.

   Students will research the Digital Atlas of Idaho, finding a predator/prey relationship.
   Students will draw their own map and plot the distribution of a predator in relation to a species of its prey.
   Students may present conclusions.

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Lesson Plan provided by Gina Lockwood, Linda Byron, Joy Bielenberg, 2001
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