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activity exercisesuggested grade levels: 9-12/College

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At a school Career Day, student Real Estate Agents solve location problem for prospective retired couple seeking lake front property near a town with a population greater than 100, but less than 10,000.

Students will use ArcExplorer program to solve a problem, learn more about and have fun with Idaho geography, and become aware of the demands/responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent.

I. Introduce real estate career opportunity
II. Present the problem to the students
     A. Retired Couple
     B. Seeking lake front property
     C. Town 100 > 10,000
III. Assist students in completing project using ArcExplorer
IV. Students generate map of Idaho showing prospective locations

1. Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent
2. Define "near a town"
3. Define "lake"
4. $$$ situation of couple
5. Cash or Mortgage
6. Build or buy existing structure
7. Size and type of structure
8. Minor children/grandchildren
9. Hobby interests of couple
10. Approximate ages of couple
11. Climate preferences
12. Medical needs

Other Career Choice Assignments:
1. Fish biologist who wants to grow talapia.
2. Sociologist who wants to know how many Idahoans live without electricity.
3. Cheesemaker who wants to know where to locate a new plant.
4. Survival equipment salesman who wants to target rural areas.
5. Herbologish who wants to create a trade route for people seeking natural substitutes for Ritalin.
6. State school athletic director who must redefine school division boundaries for scheduling sporting events.

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Lesson Plan provided by Marilyn Ames, Lori Cottle, DiDi Orr, 2001
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