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It is believed that Idaho's earliest residents arrived around 15,000 years ago. These people were hunters and gatherers and there was plenty of large game on the land. The arrival of the horse changed the way people lived because they could travel farther. White man's arrival shortly thereafter destroyed many of the Native American people as well as their culture by war, disease, and destroying their food sources. This exercise will introduce students to the history of Native Americans in Idaho.

Use the Native Americans in Idaho section Digital Atlas of Idaho. To get there: Click on Atlas Home, mouse-over Geography, then click on Native Americans in Idaho. Encourage your students to read through the pages of the Native Americans section and click on the links to see the pictures representing Native American culture. This exercise can be done as a homework assignment if desired. Give your students the opportunity to learn by having them write an essay using the Digital Atlas.

1.Compare and contrast the historical extent of lands inhabited by Idaho's Native Americans with the extent of Idaho's current Indian reservations. Use the Digital Atlas to determine the location of prime agricultural lands, water for irrigation, railroads, mines and other natural resources in Idaho during the late 1800s/early 1900s. Discuss how you think location and subsequent discovery of these resources influenced the development of the current boundaries of these reservations.

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Native Americans in Idaho

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