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States are known for their symbols such as their state tree, flower, seal, etc. Each state is unique for its symbols. The following activity will encourage students to learn the state symbols of Idaho.

1. Have the students use a map of Idaho and write a few familiar counties so they know where they are located. Maps can be printed from the Digital Atlas of Idaho.
To get there: Click on Atlas Home, then on Idaho Maps. Use the tools at the top of the map to magnify any particular areas, then print.
2. The students will learn the state seal, tree, flower, horse, bird, and will map them on the state of Idaho where found. Go to Activities/Coloring section to get an outline of the State Seal of Idaho and a Hagerman Horse for students to color.
To get there: Click on Atlas Home, Activities, then on Coloring. Scroll down and select the items you would like.
3. The students (in groups of 2) will create a book on each state symbol and write some history and give a small presentation.
4. The student will write compound sentences using a state symbol in each sentence.
5. The student will spell each state symbol.

Questions the student will explore:
Students can use an encyclopedia
1. When were each of these designated as the state symbol? Fish-1990, Flower-1931, Tree-1935, Horse-1975, etc.
2. What are the colors and other detail?
3. What is the history on each symbol?
4. What are some counties near you?

1. Study map of Idaho and write down counties near you. (History & Mapping)
2. Write down the state symbols of Idaho-Fossil-Hagerman Horse, Folk Dance-American, Gem Stone-Idaho Star Garnet, Insect-Monarch Butterfly, Tree-White Pine, Flower-Syringa, Horse-Appaloosa, Bird- Mt. Bluebird, Seal, & Fish-Cutthroat Trout. (Science)
3. Get into groups of 2 and color or draw a different state symbol for each group. Write some history and color on a map where it may be found. Create a booklet and present to the class. (History, language arts, science)
4. Write a compound sentence using a state symbol in each sentence. (English)
5. Spell each one for a spelling test. (Spelling)

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Idaho Maps | idout2ho.pdf

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