Geologic Maps
computer exercisesuggested grade levels: 9-12

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The following activity will introduce students to geologic maps. They will also explore the correlation between mountain ranges and faults. This can be a short exercise that the students should find fun.

Use the geologic map of eastern Idaho (p. 4 of RRT) and the eastern Idaho drainage and mountain range map (p. 7 of RRT) to answer the following questions:
1. Find Pocatello on both maps. Find Zs just south of Pocatello on the geologic map. Now look at the mountain range map. What is the name of the range made up of the Zs rocks?
2.Look at the mountain range map. Notice how the mountain ranges south of the Snake River trend towards the northwest. Compare the trend of the mountain ranges to the trend of the faults on the geologic map south of the Snake River. Now try to find another area of eastern Idaho where the trend of the mountain ranges is the same as the trend of the faults.

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Maps: p.4, p.7

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Lesson plan by Vita Taube, 2000
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