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This assignment should take approximately one 45-minute class period if students are already somewhat familiar with the Digital Atlas of Idaho. If students are unfamiliar with the program, at least one extra day should be added. This assignment incorporates map skills, following directions, and finding information using the Digital Atlas of Idaho program. In this activity students will follow directions to properly draw, label, and color specified areas on a map of Idaho. Students will be given a blank map of Idaho, with county boundary lines clearly marked, colored pencils, and an instruction sheet. To get blank maps: Click on Atlas Home, then Idaho Maps. Use the zoom box to get the section of the map you want, then click on the "layers" button to decide what you want on the map.

In a given class period, students will:
1. Properly label Idaho counties by following given instruction sheet.
2. Follow directions correctly to plot given river systems and Lake Bodies on the blank map of Idaho.
3. Properly label the river system or lake specified on instruction sheet.
4. Correctly and completely color designated areas.

1. Students will be given instruction sheet along with blank map of Idaho.
2. Students will follow instructions on sheet to properly label the specified parts.
3. Students will work in pairs.
4. Students follow instructions to properly label their maps.
For a printable pdf copy of the handout that you can use for this activity, click below.

These are links to access the handouts and printable materials.
geog3ho.pdf | Idaho Maps | (alternative map) idout2ho.pdf

Handout Sample:
Instructions for Mapping Idaho Directions: Follow each instruction in order. Use your Digital Atlas of Idaho along with your instruction sheet to complete each task. When you have completed each task, place a check mark (Ö) on the blank line and move on to the next task.

___ On the Digital Atlas of Idaho main page, select the Hydrology section, then select the Surface Hydrology section.
___ We are only labeling the four major counties in southwest Idaho. Draw a dark black line around the four counties that make up southwestern Idaho.
___ Label the largest county in this space, Owyhee County.
___ Label the top three counties from left to right, Canyon County, Ada County, and Elmore County
___ Look at the Digital Atlas of Idaho again. Use the map of surface water to estimate the answer to each of the following clues:
· I am a river that runs through the southwest corner of Owyhee County. In blue, sketch and label this river on the map.
· I am a river that runs from south to north through Owyhee County. In blue, sketch and label this river on the map.
· I am a river that runs along the border between Owyhee and Canyon County. In blue, sketch and label this river on the map.
· In Canyon County, I am a man-made lake that sits north of the Snake River and south of the Boise River. In purple, draw and label this lake on the map.
· I am the river that runs along the north part of Canyon County, north of Lake Lowell. In blue, sketch and label this river.
· I am a reservoir formed where the middle and south forks of the Boise River meet. In blue, sketch and label these two rivers. In orange, draw and label this reservoir that runs along the northwest corner of Elmore County.
· In Elmore County, I am another reservoir formed by damming the South fork of the Boise River. In orange, draw and label me.
· Connect each portion of the Boise River, especially where the Boise River flows through Ada County.
· Using the map on the Digital Atlas of Idaho as your guide, connect the Bruneau River to the Snake River.
· Lightly shade Canyon County green.
· Lightly shade Ada County yellow.
· Lightly shade Owyhee County brown.
· Lightly shade Elmore County pink

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Lesson plan by Shannon Laughlin, 2001
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