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  Dr. Paul Link
  Dr. John Welhan
  Dr. Chuck Peterson
  Dr. Stephen Sommer
  Dr. Jim McNamara
  Dr. Tamara Schiappa
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Archaeology Defined
  The Feature System
  Mapping the Site
Prehistory of Idaho
  Cultural History
  Current Research
  History of Research
  Western Snake
  Eastern Snake
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Excavation Data
  The Wasden Site
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* Insects
- Butterflies
   Family Tree
   Visual Key
  Family Hesperiidae, Skippers
    Subfamily Hesperiinae: Grass Skippers
    Subfamily Heteropterinae: Skipperlings
  Family Papilionidae: Swallowtails & Parnassians
    Subfamily Papilioninae: Swallowtails
    Subfamily Parnassiinae: Parnassians
  Family Pieridae, the Whites & Sulphurs
    Subfamily Pierinae:The Whites, Marbles, & Orangetips
    Subfamily Coliadinae: The Sulfurs
  Family Lycaenidae, the Gossamer-Winged Butterflies
    Subfamily Polyommatinae:The Blues
    Subfamily Lycaeninae: The Coppers
    Subfamily Theclinae:The Hairstreaks & Elfins
  Family Riodinidae, the Metalmarks
    Subfamily Riodininae:The Metalmarks
  Family Nymphalidae, The Brush-Footed Butterflies
    Subfamily Heliconiinae:The Fritillaries
    Subfamily Nymphalinae:The True Brush-Foots
    Subfamily Limenitidinae:The Admirals & Relatives
  Family Satyridae, the Satyrs & Wood-Nymphs
    Subfamily Satyrinae:The Satyrs & Wood-Nymphs
  Family Danaidae, The Milkweed Butterflies
    Subfamily Danainae:The Milkweed Butterflies
- Dragonflies
   Ordonates of Idaho Checklist
   Visual Key
 Suborder Zygoptera: Damselflies
   Family Calopterygidae: Jewelwings
   Family Lestidae:Spreadwings
   Family Coenagrionidae: Pond Damsels
 Suborder Anisoptera: Dragonflies
   Family Aeshnidae: Darners
   Family Gomphidae: Clubtails
   Family Macromiidae: Cruisers
   Family Corduliidae: Emeralds
   Family Libellulidae: Skimmers

* Amphibians
  Amphibians of Idaho Checklist
  Family Tree of Idaho Amphibians
  Identification Pages
    Adult Comparator Page
    Larvae & Egg Comparator Page
    Image Pages: adult, larvae, & eggs
    Visual Key to Idaho's Amphibians
  Order Urodela: Salam&ers & Newts
  Order Anura: Frogs & Toads

* Reptiles
  Reptiles of Idaho Checklist
  Family Tree of Idaho Reptiles
  Identification Pages
    Comparator Page
    Lizard Image Page
    Snake Image Page
    Visual Key to Idaho Reptiles:
  Order Testudines: Turtles
  Suborder Lacertillia: Lizards
  Suborder Serpentes: Snakes

* Birds
  Birds of Idaho Checklist
  Identification Page
    Questions & Tips to Consider
    Parts of a Bird
    Bird Identification
  Order Gaviformes: Loons
  Order Podicipediformes: Grebes
  Order Pelicaniformes: Pelicans & Cormorants
  Order Ciconiformes: Bitterns, Herons, & Ibises
  Order Anseriformes: Swans, Geese, & Ducks
  Order Falconiformes: Hawks & Eagles
  Order Galliformes: Grouse, Quails, Pheasants, & Turkeys
  Order Gruiformes: Rails, Coots & Cranes
  Order Charadriformes: Shorebirds, Gulls & Terns
  Order Columbiformes: Pigeons & Doves
  Order Caprimulgiformes: Goatsuckers
  Order Apodiformes: Swifts & Hummingbirds
  Order Coraciiformes: Kingfishers
  Order Piciformes: Woodpeckers
  Order Passeriformes: Song Birds
    Tyrant Flycatchers
    Nuthatches & Creepers
    Wrens & Dippers
    Kinglets & Gnatcatchers

* Mammals
   Mammals of Idaho Checklist
   Identification Pages
   Order Insectivora: Mole & Shrews
   Order Chiroptera: Bats
   Order Lagomorpha: Pikas, Hares & Rabbits
   Order Rodentia: Rodents
     Chipmunks, Marmots, & Squirrels
     Pocket Gophers
     Pocket Mice, Kangaroo Mice & Kangaroo Rats
     Mice, Rats, Lemmings, & Voles
   Order Carnivora: Carnivores
   Order Artiodactyla: Hoofed Mammals

* Plants
   Plants of Idaho Checklist
  Division Pinophyta: Conifers & Gymnosperms
     Family Pinaceae: Pine
     Family Cupressaceae: Cypress
     Family Taxaceae: Yew
     Family Aceraceae: Maple
     Family Betulaceae: Birch
     Family Salicaceae: Willow
     Family Oleaceae: Olive
  Division Magnoliophyta: Flowering Plants
     Family Rosaceae: Rose
     Family Asteraceae [Compositae]: Sunflower
     Family Caprifoliaceae: Honeysuckle
     Family Anacardiaceae: Sumac
     Family Polemoniaceae: Phlox
     Family Berberidaceae: Barberry
     Family Fabaceae [Leguminosae]: Pea
     Family Saxifragaceae: Saxifrage
     Family Poaceae [Gramineae]: Grass
     Family Cyperaceae: Sedge
     Family Onagraceae: Evening Primrose
     Family Ericaceae: Heath
     Family Chenopodiaceae: Goosefoot

* Digital Documents:
    Atlas of Idaho's Wildlife


General Climate
Precipitaion Patterns
Cloud Imaging
  Atmospheric Moisture & Circulation of Water in the Atmosphere
  Humidity & Comparing Humidities
  Stability & Cloud Development
  Clouds Over Idaho
Atmospheric Information
  Atmospheric Structure
  Atmospheric Chemistry
  Jet Stream
  Electromagnetic Spectrum
  Weather vs. Climate
  Meterological Symbols
  Occluded Front
  Rain Shadow
Climate Station Tour
Climate Station Data Archive

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Geology Basics:
   What is geology?
   What are rocks?
   What is the rock record?
   What is the geologic cycle?
   What is the rock cycle?
   What is soil?
   What is weathering?
   What does a soil grain size card look like?
   What does Bowen's Reaction Sequence look like?
   Where did all of the mountains come from?
   What are geologic maps?
   What are stratigrapic columns?
   What are geologic cross sections?
   What do geologic symbols look like?
   What geologic provinces are found in Idaho?
   What is the geologic time scale?
   What is a fossil?
   What are artifacts?
   What is plate tectonics?
   What was Pangea?
   What is a volcano?
   What are earthquakes?
   What is mass movement?
   The Rock Cycle
   Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table

Eastern Idaho Guidebook
   Area Field guides: 1-19
 (Guidebook to the Geology of Eastern Idaho)
    About the Guide Book
    Stratigraphy & Structure
    Cenozoic Tectonism
    Snake River Plain
    Quaternary Geology
    Regional Geology

Geology of SE Idaho (Section 2 of Rocks, Rails & Trails)
Great Rift
Snake River Plain
Topography & Hot Spot
Accreted Terrane
  Idaho Earthquakes
  Earthquake Fundamentals
  Faults, Thermal Waters & Seismicity
  What is a Fossil?
  Timeline of Geologic Events
  Hagerman Fossil Beds
  Fossils in Idaho


Rocks, Rails & Trails
  Copyright & Sources
  Section 1: Introduction & Acknowledgments
  Section 2:Geology of South East Idaho
  Section 3: History of Eastern Idaho
  Section 4: Southeastern Idaho
  Section 5: Pocatello
  Section 6: Snake River Plane
  Section 7: Magic Valley & City of Rocks
  Section 8: Wood River Valley
  About the Authors

Geography Basics:
  Where On Earth is Idaho?
  How Did Idaho Get Its Name?
  What is the Highest Mountain in Idaho?
  What is a GIS?
  What is a GPS?
  Understanding Topographic Maps
  General Information
  Tips for Interpreting Topographic Maps
  Topographic Map Example
Maps & Globes
  The Data Behind a Map
Fun Facts:
  Can You Really Get Sugar from a Sugar Beet?
  What Was a Pioneer Frisbee?

Parks & Monuments
Public Lands
Idaho Game Fisheries
     Idaho Fish Hatcheries
     Idaho Game Fishery Economic Facts
     Drainage Areas & Fisheries
Agriculture & Irrigation
Native American Tribes in Idaho
Historic Events
Exploration & Expansion
Immigration & Emigration
19th Century Forts & Military Installations

Help Pages:

   Getting Started:
    System Requirements
    Software & Browser Plugins
    Startup & Access Directions
    Known Incompatibilities & Issues
    Useful Tips & Information
  Tutorial Resources


Hydrology Basics:
What is the Hydrologic Cycle?
Global Water Availability

Water Chemistry Concepts:
  Water Chemistry
  Water's Physical Properties
  Water temperature
  Specific Conductance
  Dissolved Oxygen
  Suspended Sediment
  Aqueous Solution Geochemistry

Ground & Surface Water Concepts
Idaho Water Facts
Surface Water:
  What is Surface Water?
  How Much Water is There In and On the Earth?
  Factors Affecting Surface Runoff
  Which Type of Drainage Basin Has the Greatest Effect on Surface Runoff?
  Runoff Paths
  Surface Water /Groundwater Interaction
  What Do Some Different Types of Streams Look Like?
  What is an Eddy?
Surface Hydrology:
  Streamflow & Precipitation
  Instantaneous Streamflow Measurement
  Continuous Streamflow Measurement
  Streamflow Hydrograph
  Precipitation Measurement
  Supplemental Material
  Running Water
  Stream Gaging Station Data
Ground & Surface Water Interactions:
  What is Meant by Surface and Ground Water Interaction?
  What Controls the Degree of Surface and Ground Water Interaction?
  How Can Pumping Impacts be Measured or Estimated?
  How do Surface Water Bodies Respond to Aquifer
  What is an Aquifer?
  Is an Aquifer an Underground River?
  What does an aquifer look like?
  How Does an Aquifer Work?
  Why is Groundwater So Clean?
  How is an Aquifer Contaminated?
  What is Groundwater?
  Why is Groundwater so Important?
  How to Determine the Direction of Groundwater Flow
  What is the Water Table?
  Why Do Some "Artesian" Wells Flow?
  Groundwater Resources
  Hjulsröm's Diagram
  Tortuosity of Subsurface Flow Paths
  Groundwater Review; Aquifers, Groundwater Movement, The Water Table, Darcy's Law
Response Functions:
  What are they?
  What Factors Affect Response Functions?
  What if Wells are not Continuously Pumping?
  Response Functions & Aquifer Recharge
  How Can Response Functions be Used?
  How are Response Functions Determined?
  Assumptions Supporting Response Functions

Hydrologic Unit Code ( HUC-Idaho's drainage patterns)

The Lake Bonneville Flood
What was the Lake Bonneville Flood?
The Lake Bonneville Flood:
  Release of Flood Near Red Rock Pass
  Views of Red Rock Pass
  Size of the Flood
  Duration of the Flood
  Melon Gravels
  Walters Bar
  Marginal Channels
  Stratigraphic Relationship between the Bonneville & Spokane Flood
  Bed Load Sediments
  Suspended Load Sediments
Virtual Tour of the Bonneville Floodpath

 Snake River Basin
Origin of the Snake River Plain
What is the Snake River Plain Aquifer?
Snake River Basin:
  Physical Description
  Tributary Basins
  The Importance of Tributary Basins to the Snake River
  Tributary Basin Relationships
  Land Use Data
  Water Level Measurements
  Stream Flow Data
Eastern Snake River Plain:
  Physical Description
  The Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer
  Changes in Water Use
  Recent Challenges in System Management
  Estimates of Surface & Ground Water Interaction
  Evaluation Methods
  Eastern Reach Maps
Western Snake River Plain:
   Treasure Valley-
      General Description
      Water Use
      Boise River
           Flow Systems
          Aquifer Recharge
          Level Changes

Canals & Irrigation
Geothermal Waters
Lakes & Rivers
Hydrology- Supplemental Information

Idaho Maps:

Idaho Basemap
Geologic Maps   (broken down into County)
County Maps
Regional Areas:
ISU Centennial County Rock Walk
Map Archives


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