Section 2, Chapter 2- Introduction to the Geology of South & East Idaho

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Chapter 2:
Introduction to Geologic Diagrams
Relations between Geology, Topography & Drainage Systems in Idaho
   Idaho Drainage Systems & Diverse Geology
   The Snake River Plain-Yellowstone Hot Spot & its Effect on Drainage Patterns
   Drainage Systems, Rails & Trails
Geologic Provinces along the Oregon Trail
  The Wyoming Rockies & Basins
   Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt
   Basin & Range
   Gateway to the Snake River Plain
   Snake River Plain Columbia Plateau Province
   South-Central Idaho & the Idaho
Batholith Country
Rocks of the Eastern Idaho Mountains
  Late Proterozoic Sedimentary Rocks
   Paleozoic Limestones & Sandstones
   Mesozoic Continental Strata
   Soft Cenozoic Rocks in the Valleys

The Thrust Belt of Southeastern Idaho
Rocks of Central Idaho
  Central Idaho Black-Shale Mineral Belt
   Idaho Batholith

Metamorphic Core Complexes
   Pioneer Mountains
   The Albion Range & The Silent City of Rocks

Basin & Range Faulting
Challis Volcanic Group & Intrusive Rocks
The Yellowstone-Snake River Plain Volcanic Province
  Bolide Hypothesis
   Model for Volcanism as the Hot Spot Passes

Lakes on the Snake River Plain
Glaciation in the Mountains of Idaho
   Big Lost River Floods
Lake Bonneville & its Flood
  Bonneville Basin
   Calibration of Dating Methods
   The Rise of Lake Bonneville
   Shorelines & Canals
   Lake Bonneville Flood

Satellite image photograph of eastern Idaho. The view extends from near Mackay in the upper left, to north of Burley in the lower left, Malad Summit in the lower right, andHeise in the upper right. American Falls Reservoir is in the lower center, surrounded by irrigated farmland. The black splotches on the Snake River Plain are lava flows, with Craters of the Moon in the middle left, the Great Rift in the lower center, and Hell's Half Acre in the upper right center. U.S. Geological Survey photo.

Geologic Setting of Water & Idaho
  Ground Water
   Hot Springs
   Snake River Plain Aquifer
   Irrigation & its Effect on the Snake River Plain Aquifer

Table of Geologic Events in Southern Idaho
Strange Doings with Drainages in Southeastern Idaho
Southeast Idaho Phosphate Mining
Views of Thrust Faults
The Borah Peak Area & the October, 1983 Earthquake
Glaciation in the Mountains of South-Central Idaho
Steps in the Development of Drainage in Southeast Idaho
The Lake Bonneville Flood in the Pocatello Area
Disposal of Wastes at the INEEL