Geography- Mining in Idaho
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Mining in Idaho

Mineral Deposits:
   Hydrothermal Deposits
   Preparation of Rocks for Mineralization
   Mineral veins and faults
   Ore Fluids
   Classification of Hydrothermal Deposits
   Epithermal Deposits
   Mineralogy of Lode Gold Deposits
   Host Rock
   Gold Content
   Quartz Veins and Gossans
   Predicting Gold Value with Depth
   Linear Features
   Deposits Formed from Secondary Enrichment
   Contact Metamorphic Deposits
   Prospecting for Pegmatites
   Mineral Identification
   Beryl in Idaho Pegmatites

Idaho Gemstone Deposits
  Old Mine Dumps
  Bruneau jasper
  Spencer Opal Deposit

Idaho mining material:
   Map of Idaho's mines. (PDF document)

   Full list of Idaho mines
   The Idaho Gold Rush, a historical essay.
  The Idaho Mining Wars.
  Mining statistics for 1994-1998.
  1974 mining statistics
  The periodic table

Mining Minerals:
   Star Garnet
     Disseminated Gold Deposits
     Copper-Gold Skarn
     Placer Mines
     Silver-Lead-Zinc Veins
     Coeur d'Alene District
     Molybdenum Veins
     Phosphoria Formation
     Deposition in a Shallow Sea
     Structural Setting
     Mining of Phosphate
     Processing of Phosphate Ore
     Potential Byproducts of Phosphate Production
     Reclamation of Mined Lands
     Future of Idaho Phosphate
     Marketing History
     Origin of the Quartzite
     Extraction from the Quarry
     Silver-Lead-Zinc Veins
     Coeur d'Alene District
     DeLamar Silver Mine in Southwestern Idaho
     Silver-Lead-Zinc Veins
     Coeur d'Alene District

Supplemental Reading:
 Rocks, Rails and Trails has a wide variety of reading topics and information on mining including: pp. 13-15, 17, 29-30, 32, 43-44, 50-51, 58, 63, 77-78, 80-85, 91-93, 98, 101-105, 107, 109-110, 116, 128-130, 141-143, 146, 148, 159-160, 164, 168 and 171-173  
The field guide below is part of the Guidebook to the Geology of Eastern Idaho :
 Field Guide to the Southeast Idaho Phosphate District